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golden arowana $ 500.00 $ 300.00 Purchase Golden Arowana Fish on the web and be happy,we realize how to make it flush and that is the reason numerous clients hold running back to us 24K Gold Arowana(6 inch) $ 480.00; 24K Gold Arowana(8 inch) $ 670.00; 24k Golden Arowana $ 300.00 - $ 2,000.00; 24K Golden Arowana (12 inch) $ 990.00; African Arowana $ 250.00 - $ 2,000.0 Buy Red Tail Gold Arowana online from Arowana Fish Home at an affordable price. It has scale based colors reaching from blue, green or gold with gold trim on the outside edge of each Order Now. Crossback Golden Arowana $390 - $2900 . Cross Back Arowana could also be a natural colorant variant that's originated from the Bukit Merah Lake in Perak, Malaysia. The Cross Back Arowana is that the. Cross Back Golden Arowana has good quality Cross Back Golden scales that are reflective, glittering, large, distinctive, and neat. They gain more colorization a... They gain more colorization a... $ 400.00 - $ 2,000.0 gold arowana ( crossback ) Rs 68,500. Battaramulla , Western Province. Ad Type : Offering. Crossback gold Arowana for sale, size 1 feet, we offer the best price in the market, fish is with certificate. Show details

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If you are in the market asking for an Arowana it is most likely that the seller will show you this fish. baby Arowana is the cheapest of the whole Arowana world. a specimen of length 4-6 inches will fetch a cost anywhere between 15-20 $ around Rs. 1000 to 1500 in Indian currency. in wholesale, these may come anywhere in between 8-10 $. final cost offered to the customer is dependent on several factors like transportation cost, housing cost, terminal loss compensation, added profit and. र1,650. Golden pearl Arowana for sale 1 feet golden pearl Arowana for sale. Favorites. Angamaly. 05-Jun-2016. र6,500. Silver arowana 10inch above and Fire red oscar 4inch for sale Silver arowana in good health, 10inch above length and rs1800 for arowana. Fire Red oscar 4ich size, Rs100 per fish Favorites

Buy 4 Inches To 18 Inches Arowana Fishes in Silver,Gold, Platinum, Red and Blue Colors for sale US $40.00-$800.00/ Piece 10.0 Pieces (Min. Order) 1 YRS S.T. WORLDSALE CO.,LTD Golden Arowanas are freshwater bony fish of the family Osteoglossidae, also known as bonytongues(the latter name is now often reserved for Arapaimidae). In this family of fish, the head is bony and the elongated body is covered by large, heavy scales, with a mosaic pattern of canals. The dorsal and anal fins have soft rays and are long based, while the pectoral and ventral fins are small.They have several other common names, including Asian bonytongue, dragonfish, and a number of. We are selling 24k golden head arowana,Malaysia Golden Arowana,Chili red,King Arowana and limited edition arowana fish.All in reasonable price. WhatsApp Lee Arowana Pro Shop ist hier: Lee Arowana Pro Shop

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  1. LIVE TROPICAL FISH-yellowish Golden albino Silver Arowana 8-8.5 Inches. $290.00. Free shipping. *** RARE.. Golden Albino Arowana, flowerhorn #9707 ***. $999.00. 0 bids. $89.30 shipping. Ending Apr 19 at 10:27AM PDT
  2. Arowana are one of the attractive aquarium fish they are aggressive, high jumpers and uniquely mouth brooders. They originate from South America and found in..
  3. $24,000 GOLD AROWANA!! - Inside World's *LARGEST* Rare Arowana Fish Breeder..
  4. Arowana fish price in India | Prathmesh Aquatics - YouTube. Arowana fish price in India | Prathmesh Aquatics. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't.
  5. Help Me +100000 Subscribers: https://goo.gl/odm356Please Like & Share this Video. Thank YOU!-----..

Lee Arowana Pro Shop, Cheras, Selangor. 33,944 likes · 208 talking about this · 286 were here. We are selling 24k golden head arowana,Malaysia Golden Arowana,Chili red,King Arowana and limited.. gold arowana fish price. Grid List Cross Back Golden Arowana $ 400.00 - $ 2,000.00. Inquire Us. Add to wishlist. Compare. Regular price Rs. 590 Sale price Rs. 350 Sale View. 2 Feet Aquarium Tank Select Sizes under below options. From Rs. 2,169 View. Fish INCH-GOLD Large Arowana Fish Food 380g; Feed fish enough for them to consume within 5 mins. Do feed about 3-4 times per day. Do net out any uneaten feeds within half an hour to avoid polluting tank water. Share. Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Pin on. Exclusive Tour - RARE AROWANA FISH + HUGE STINGRAY BREEDING FACILITY!! Empire Exotic Rays: https://bit.ly/2XCbIWz USA Viewers can buy Kenny's Stingrays fr.. Arowana Fish. ₹ 7,000/ Piece Get Latest Price. Life Span. Arowana fish. Color. Golden,red, silver. Size. 7 inches. Species

Premium Arowana fishes for WHOLE SALE & RETAIL. we supply WHOLE SALE AND RETAIL Quality and healthy A Grade Arowana's, flowerhorn etc and tanks for sale at affordable prices. Each equipped with chip andcertificate to comply with CITES. we now have new supplies of Banjar RedArowana. Red Tail Golden, Qian Hu Red Tail Golden, Panda Gold, High Back. Dear customers, as christmas is approaching in a few days time, any arowana purchase from us will be entitled to 20% off regular price. While stock last! *We specialize in Golden XB Arowanas *Promotion will last till 31/12/201 Arowana Aquarium & Pets Shop - Wholesaler of fish aquarium, aquarium plants & aquarium toy in Pune, Maharashtra. Nature of Business. Wholesaler Pet Fish Price in Chennai: Fish Name: Pieces: Price (Rs) Bubble Eye Gold Fish: 1 : 50.00 : kinmatsuba Koi fish: 1 : 12,000.00 : Ghoshiki Koi Fish: 1 : 12,000 : Full. This fish has a long slim body with metallic gold-like scales which makes it looks even more fascinating. In the family stage of fishes, This fish belongs to the Osteoglossidae family. Most of the fishes that are included in this family have the bony head with an elongated body. The scales are also different since it appears sizeable and heavy with a beautiful shiny pattern. The Super Arowana.

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Red Arowana Fish Buy Asian Red Arowana $ 200.00 - $ 390.00. Quick View. Others black arowana for sale $ 180.00 - $ 340.00. Quick View. Others Jardini arowana for sale $ 190.00 - $ 350.00. Quick View. Others African Arowana $ 250.00 - $ 2,000.00. Browse our categories. golden arowana . 2 Products . Others . 8 Products . Red Arowana Fish . 6 Products . silver arowana . 1 Product . Free. Malaysian Golden Crossback Arowana, this group of fish are sometimes (rather strangely) called bony tongues because of a toothed plate of bone that they have on the lower part of their mouth. Inhabiting the inland waters of South America, Southeast Asia, and Australia, these fish have elongated bodies covered with large scales and a distinct pair of barbells protruding from the tip of. Gold Arowana is part of the prized Asian Arowana. While the Red Arowana is commanding a high price collectively, the rare breed of certain gold Arowana, such as the Cross Backed Golden Arowana, is selling at a higher price. The initial cost of owning a Gold Arowana is very high. How do you care for such an expensive fish SUPREME AROWANA Has More than 15 years experience in Arowana Fish Breeding. We focuses on breeding and exporting Ultra Red Arowana Fish and now produces F1-F5 Super Reds . The quality of PT. SA's super red arowanas is no doubt premium quality and is well known amongst hobbyists. Supreme Arowana's Ultra Red Arowana fish have been exported to various countries especially Japan, Taiwan, China. Younger fish have a slight blue accent on their scales, which will develop into a deep blue and gold tint as they get older. We have specimens available from 10 to 12 in length, with a few up to 18 that are thriving on a diet of Hikari Arowana food, shrimp and bloodworms. All of our arowanas have been hand-picked from premium breeders in Indonesia

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General Features. Osteoglossomorphs include five extant families and more than 200 species. Although the group is of little importance to humans, certain osteoglossomorph species are sometimes sought commercially as food fishes in parts of Africa, Asia, and South America. arowana, arowana fish, arowana fish for sale, arowana for sale, arowana fish, black arowana, arowana fish for sale, african. gold arowana fish Grid List 24k Golden Arowana Fish Arowana fish are profoundly adjusted to new waters, so we ensure every one of our... $ 400.00 - $ 2,500.00. Availability: In Stock. Inquire Us. Add to wishlist . Compare. Blood Red Arowana Fish. Asian Arowana has several varieties of freshwater fish in the genus Scleropages. Some sources differentiate these varieties into multiple. Gold arowana silver arowana Jardini Arowana Yellow Arowana Chili Red Arowana Malaysian Red Arowana Red Dragon Arowana Fire Red Arowana Red tail golden(RTG Platinum Arowana many more... we also have available arowana food and medications etc... highly beautiful different fish species to beautify your aquarium All products are covered by.

5. Arowana golden crossback 5 inch-wholesale. RM 450. Pets. Tomorrow at 7:41 AM Selangor. 6. Arowana super red high quality -wholesale price. RM 999. Pets The gold shading on this fish is exceptionally brilliant and glossy. Contrasted and different sorts of Arowana assortments, Golden cross back hard enough to get, so the value is generally costly. Buy Black Arowana fish. We know that you love to be around Arowana fish so why not shop it now with no stress. The real meaning of this fish is love. Buy 24K Gold Arowana The Asian arowana comprises of several phenotypic varieties of freshwater fish, distributed geographically across Southeast Asia. Also, all varieties are considered to belong to a single species. Golden Arowana fish have large, wing-like pectoral fins. Except for duller coloration and smaller scale size, they are very. PLATINUM AROWANA. $ 8,000.00 $ 5,000.00. Platinum Arowana is one of the freshwater fish with hard appearances. This fish has a thin long body size with metallic gold-like scales which makes it looks significantly more captivated. In the family phase of fishes, this fish is remembered for Osteoglossidae family

Ideally, brilliant and shiny gold cheeks and radiant golden scales are expected. There as 5-6 rows of scales. There are two protruding snake tongue like whisks at the tip of the lower jaw. They use it to detect any motion inside the water. Putting all things together, this is really a very beautiful fish. And at the very imposing size of 3 feet RTG arowana is certainly one of the best luxury. Always prepare before you buy Arowana fish.Buy Super Red Arowana. Fish that ought to effortlessly have a size of 10 cm and make it simpler to recognize. In any case, there are issues you have to consider as the Golden Arowana fish Red and Super Red which has a size of 15 cm beneath the market

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Buy Jardini Arowana. Rated 5.00 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 1 customer review) $ 190.00 - $ 350.00. Price by sizes. SKU: N/A Category: Others Tags: arowana fish food online, Arowana fish for sale, arowana fish for sale in usa, arowana fish for sale near me, arowana fish for sale online, arowana fish full size, arowana fish. We directly connect Manufacturers/Importers of Aquarium Products and Fishes to our Customers at Best price. Aquariums online , Aquarium fish online, Aquarium plants online Cichlids,Guppy,Betta , Gold fish,Malawi, tetra ,discuss, Shrimps, Platies, Flowerhorn, Arowana Buy Aquarium Plants & Aquarium Fishes onlin Buy Cross Back Arowana. $ 180.00 - $ 520.00. Price by sizes. SKU: N/A Category: Others Tags: arowana for sale in pune, arowana for sale in us, arowana for sale in usa, arowana for sale near me, arowana for sale online, arowana freshwater fish, arowana gold fish price, arowana legal in usa, arowana online, arowana price, arowana scale, arowana.

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Buy Cross Back Arowana fish Assortments of Arowana brilliant cross back or regularly got back to the brilliant x is originating from Malaysia. This fish is gotten back to cross in light of the fact that the time sizes of grown-up fish can go through the ring on the back. The gold shading on this fish is exceptionally brilliant and glossy price list bellow are for the arowana/stingrays size 4-5 inch price increases by $50 for each inch increase (ie if price bellow is $200 and you want that particular fish 6 inch price will be $250) price includes delivery within the usa and delivery fee varies for each country. nb other fish available but note in this list you may as well ask to get info if you don't get your choice on the list. Gold Arowana. brilliant metallic gold lateral scales, gill covers, bellies, and pectoral and pelvic fin membranes, although the back is dark. In juveniles, the areas destined to develop golden colour start out metallic silver . read more. Red Arowana. The Asian Arowana is a type of freshwater fish that is found in Southeast Asia, where they reside in slow-moving waters, waterways, and streams. Baby Arowana fish food. feed baby arowana 4-5 times a day. each breed grows at different speed so be cautious is not mixing food habits of different breeds. a 3-5 inches arowana is considered a baby arowana. food quantity approximately 2/3 of apparent volume of head is enough to feed a baby. almost always baby arowana will prefer live feed

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Gold Fishes / Koi Carps; Killi; Loach; Others; Rainbow / Pencil; Rasboras / Danios; Snail; Tetra; Tropheus; Videos; Products. Filters; Pumps; Review; Blog; Contact ; About Us. A MART Aquatic World is one of the established exporters of live tropical Ornamental and wild caught fish from Navi Mumbai. We deal in exports and imports with over 15 years experience to worldwide countries. Our farm is. K119 - TORCH INDO GOLD 1 HEAD $ 39.99 X1 Silver Arowana Md/Lrg Fish 3 - 5 / X5 Assorted Oscar Sml/Med 2-3 Package $ 173.54 Silver Arowana Sm/md $ 45.48 Albino Silver Arowana Med $ 734.48 Silver Strawberry Arowana Med. Hong Long Fishery mainly breed Gold and Red Arowanas, housing them in well furbished breeding centres and incubator facilities. They are best known for their farm bred Cross Back Golden Arowana and Chili Red Arowana, providing the ornamental fish market with only the top quality fishes. If you got your eyes on a Golden or Red Arowana, then Hong Long Fishery should be best suited to meet your.

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  1. Floppy Fish™ Plush Toys for Cats Gold Arowana —. Sale price. $14.99. Save. $14.99. Floppy Fish™ Plush Toys for Cats Red Arowana —. Sale price. $14.99. Save
  2. Platinum Arowana is one of the freshwater fish with bony appearances. This fish has a slim long body size with metallic gold-like scales which makes it looks even more enchanted. In the family stage of fishes, this fish is included in Osteoglossidae family. Mostly fishes that are included in this family will have a bony head with body elongated
  3. Arowana Keeping Simplified (Beginner's guide to keeping Arowanas) Arowana Keepers Philippines The mere fact that you are reading this just means that you are interested in keeping an Arowana. But before you go to your Local Fish Shop, I hope you read this to ensure that you are already equipped with the essential knowledge neede
  4. Instagram. As a native of Southeast Asia, the Asian arowana is bred and sold in the region, fetching prices ranging from $300 to $70,000 or more. Known color breeds include the chili red, which.
  5. I caught an arowana! I'd make a joke, but I don't 'wana. New Horizons The arowana is a golden fish that can be found in the river, and has been present in every single Animal Crossing series game. It is a rare summer fish that sells for 10,000 Bells, the same as the arapaima. Prior to Wild World, its shadow size was medium. 1 Capture quotes 2 Game data 3 Donation to the museum 3.1 In Animal.
  6. Red Arowana. $ 250.00 - $ 2,000.00. It is also one of the more popular fish among Asian Arowanas, largely because of their auspicious colour. With its full red fins even when young and red lips and barbels, no hobbyists will be able to resist the temptation to own one of them. It is believed that it will bring prosperity and wealth to the owner

Arowana fish brings in good health, good health and wealth in your household. In Vastu, the arowana fish, also known as the golden dragon, is considered a powerful symbol as a bringer of good luck Gender. Choose an option Male Female Both. Size /Price. Choose an option 4-6 Inch = $600.00 6-8 Inch = $800.00 8-10 Inch = $1000.00. Clear. BLACK DIAMOND STINGRAY quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Category: EXOTIC FISHES Tags: 24k arowana, 24k gold arowana, 24k gold arowana for sale, 24k gold arowana price, about arowana fish, african arowana for. We directly import any kind of arowana and stingray fish to sri lanka.we have RTG,highback gold,crossbck gold,chili red,blood red arowana and high quality hybrid stingray fish.we can scan fish microchip also.we are selling fish for lowest price in sri lanka.call us for more details and order now for next shipment More details:- 0716372188(Hashan

Unique Arowana stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artists. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, notebooks and windows. White or transparent. 4 sizes available The Asian arowana (Scleropages formosus) comprises several phenotypic varieties of freshwater fish distributed geographically across Southeast Asia. While most consider the different varieties to belong to a single species, work by Pouyaud et al. (2003) differentiates these varieties into multiple species.They have several other common names, including Asian bonytongue, dragonfish, and a.

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850 red tail golden arowana products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which aquariums accounts for 1%, feather accounts for 1%. A wide variety of red tail golden arowana options are available to you, such as sustainable, stocked. You can also choose from aquariums red tail golden arowana, as well as from cats, fish red tail. Amazon.in: Buy Inch Gold Large Arowana Fish Food (454 g) online at low price in India on Amazon.in. Check out Inch Gold Large Arowana Fish Food (454 g) reviews, ratings, specifications and more at Amazon.in. Free Shipping, Cash on Delivery Available Buy Gold Head Arowana. Buy Gold Head Arowana has large wings like pectoral fins. Except for duller coloration and smaller scale size, they are very similar to the Asian Arowana fish. It grows to a length of about 90 centimeters (35 inches). Its maximum weight is recorded as 17.2 kg (38 lb.), but it has been stated that it has been known to. gold arowana fish for sale. Grid List 24k Golden Arowana Fish $ 400.00 - $ 2,500.00. Inquire Us. Add to wishlist. Compare. Cross Back Golden Arowana $ 400.00 - $. It has a distinct Gold outer scale and in premium fish can develop clearly visible base colour as well. It colours quickly however, colour rarely reaches the 5th level of scales Believed to bring luck and wealth this is my recommendation as a first Arowana for those concious of a budget. It does not disappoint in personality or striking beauty, embodying the characteristics of the Asian Arowana

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  1. Crossback gold Arowana for sale, size 1 feet, we offer the best price in the market, fish is with certificat
  2. Asian arowana. Grid view List view. Showing all 15 results . 24k gold arowana $ 300.00 - $ 1,580.00. Select options. Albino Golden Arowana $ 500.00 - $ 1,700.00. Select options. Albino Silver Arowana $ 300.00 - $ 880.00. Select options. Blood red arowana $ 390.00 - $ 870.00. Select options. Blue base Arowana $ 350.00 - $ 2,610.00. Select options. Chili Red Arowana $ 300.00.
  3. Adult Cross Back arowana (AAA grade) @ +/-60cm size Bundle Deal offer! 3pc for $3398.00nett. Cross Back Gold Arowana. $1,699.00
  4. These realistic gold arowana fish can be customized as gifts. MENU MENU Alibaba.com. English Sourcing Solutions Wholesale Price Arowana Fish Tank Glass. US $100.00-$200.00 / Piece. 5 Pieces (Min. Order) 4 YRS Foshan Jiaxiang Aquarium & Pet Co., Ltd. 82.8%. 4.6 (20) Shipment on time Great supplier Contact Supplier. 1/6. Super white aquarium tanks aquarium tank fish aquarium fish tank.
  5. Arowana Fish or Scleropages formousus is a kind of ornamental fish is very popular and a relatively high price. Arowanas are freshwater bony fish of the family Osteoglossidae, also known as bonytongues. From its primitive origins, the arowana made its way as one of the most sought after aquarium fishes by both avid aquarists and collectors. There are a number of reasons why aquarium owners.

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Asian Arowana Fish for Sale. ₱ 8,000. Navotas , Metro Manila. Breed : Asian Arowana Fish for Sale PureBred. Age : 2 Months. Ad Type : Offering. Asian Arowana 90% Goldhead XB; Dream fish Prestige Gold XBack 90% Goldhead, eats exclusively Hakari pellets. 10 inches. Price includes delivery within 48 24k Gold Arowana Fish Online #24k #Gold #Arowana. whatsapp +14156917039. email aquariummuseum01@gmail.com. 24k gold arowana super red arowana buy arowana fishes arowana fishes online fresh water fishes 8 inch fish order arowana aquarium museum buy aquatic kif our arowana fishes sizes ranges from 4 inch to 30 inch and prices vary with also work on further details feel free to contact us now. Company Details. Universal Trade Ltd, Established in 2017 at Pathanamthitta in Kerala, is leading Distributor, Supplier of Aquarium Supplies in India

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Juvenile Red Tail Gold arowana @ +/-12cm size Bundle Deal offer! 3pc for $436.00nett. Red Tail Gold Arowana. $218.00. ADD TO CART. Juvenile Super Red Arowana (A grade) @ 12cm~15cm size Bundle Deal offer! 3pc for $1798.00nett. Super Red Arowana Fill in the form below and we'll find your perfect arowana. Type of Arowana: Albino Super Red Chilli Red Crossback Golden (Malaysian Crossback) Green High Back Red Tail Golden King Arowana Platinum Crossback Red Grade 2 (Yellow Tail/Banjar Red/1.5 Red) Red Splendour Crossback (Tong Yang) Red Tail Golden Red Tail Golden Splendour Super Re Wholesale Price Arowana Fish Tank Glass. US $100.00-$200.00 / Piece. 5 Pieces (Min. Order) 4 YRS Foshan Jiaxiang Aquarium & Pet Co., Ltd. 83.7%. 4.6 (18) Shipment on time Great supplier Contact Supplier. TOP QUALITY ASIAN AROWANA FISHES 4 - 18 SUPER RED,ASIAN RED, SILVER,GOLD, PLATINIUM , RED AND BLUE COLORS FOR SALE. US $5.00 / Kilogram. 100 Kilograms (Min. Order) 1 YRS Sarl Sarl Eat. Coloration: The fish can be found in red, green, gold, and silver variations. But a market has emerged for designer-bred colors like Red Tail Golden Splendor, Violet Fusion Super Red, and Blue Base Golden. Pedigree: Fish bred from earlier generations of wild-caught arowana tend to fetch higher prices. Fin size and head shape: Larger dorsal fins up the price. Tanoto sells 8 varieties of. My Classic Red Tail Gold Arowana. In 1990, I got my first arowana. (I know you are smiling now, as most of you had not yet been born.) I am a true blue fish lover. I bought a silver arowana from a pet store along Recto and Abad Santos Street in Manila, as I recall. Its size was around 6 inches

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(The fish's average life span is 10 to 15 years; if you want an arowana that will last a little longer, check out this arowana sculpture—made of jade, opal, and marble—selling on eBay for $5. Arowana Crossing. This one is really unusual, a lovely solid, clear glass which has a gold painted on the sides, fins and tail, and the feelers on the mouth the fish. For sale Arowana Crossing in perfect working order, superb value at 0.59 . Will be shipped from Delivered anywhere in UK. Delivered anywhere in UK

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Buy low price Asian Red Arowana Fish in Cross Pointe Loop, Anchorage. Asian Red Arowana Fish offered by Aquarium Animals Shop is available with multiple payment options and easy delivery Order Fish; Price List; More. Aspect of the Arowana; Care and Ownership; Feeding Information; Contact Us; Select Page. AVAILABLE STOCK. Red tail goldenarowana, Green Asian Arowana, Banjar Red Arowana, Chilli Red Arowana, Super Red Arowana, Tung Hu Chilli Red Arowana, Crossback Golden Arowana, Violet Fusion Super Red, Blue Base Golden Crossback, Red Splendour Crossback, Platinum Crossback. Price: ₹ 699.00 (as of May 26,2021 20:53:59 UTC - Details) Pettree Arowana Fish Food - 454 gm - Inch Gold - Arowana Feed - Aquarium Fish Tank & Pond. High Quality Fish Food - Professional Feed for Live - Referring to the physiological characteristics and appetite for arowana and porgies, such as Oscars, Firemouths, Green Terrors, Dempsevs, the INCH-GOLD food Specialty is. Shop for a wide range of food products ranging from pellets, shrimps, flakes, worms, sticks and many more for all types of aquatic pets. Aqualyf sells brnads like Taiyo, Taiyo Pluss Discovery, Ocean Free, DoPhin, TetraBits, Osaki, Osaka, Okiko, Optimum, Inch Gold, Red Star etc Sa Arowana Fish Farm & Pond is a leading Exporter and Supplier of Fishes in the global market.We are backed the most experienced and skilled professionals, who take care the product quality and shelf life. We are actively engaged in providing Arowana Fish, Cichlid Fish and Black Diamond Stingray Fish in the national and overseas market

Asian Arowana: Golden Crossbackplatinum Arowana Fish for Sale, +971526542853(id:9968447Tackle Fish: Asian Arowana, Symbol Of Elegant and high

High quality Gold Arowana Aprons, designed and sold by independent artists. Unique chef aprons, kitchen aprons, BBQ aprons, art smocks, and more Since 2010 we are dedicated to supply our customers with top quality aquarium fish. Through our long experience we gained the best knowledge needed to import and export Arowana fish and Angelfish. We import from over 25 countries in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Universal fish farms deals with strict quality measures to supply you with best quality and service.Universal fish farms online. Buy 24k super red and gold arowana fishes (707) 314-0917. 08/28/2019 300$ Advert Details. TRUST: 0%. Location: United States of America Pet Type: Fish Microchipped: None Vaccinations: None Neutered: None Pet Price: 300$ Other ads Contact the Seller. Advice when buying . We are not responsible for transactions for animals you find on this site; Check out the sellers. Make certain they are.

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