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Here's an example of a demo app we did recently. When clicked on the associated link, a screen like this opens and offers to use the instant app instead. Note how quickly the app is opened, and on Oreo it's even faster. How to Define Android Instant Modules? For an instant app, your project will consist of at least three different modules. You need to use Android Studio 3.0 for this. If you're creating your app from scratch, there's an option to enable the Instant app. Specify example.com as the Instant App URL Host, select the Path option from the Instant App URL Route Type and enter /home as the route URL. Name the activity InstantAppActivity and the layout activity_instant_app before clicking on the Finish button to create the new project Android Instant Apps - Sample code collection. This repo has been migrated to github.com/android/app-bundle. Please check that repo for future updates. Thank you Android Instant Apps functionality is an upgrade to your existing Android app, not a new, separate app. It's the same Android APIs, the same project, and the same source code. Android Studio provides the tools you need to modularize your app so that users load only the portion of the instant app that they need when they need it Android Instant Apps sind Apps, die Sie ganz einfach nutzen können, ohne sie herunterladen zu müssen. Die Verwendung einer Instant App ähnelt dem Surfen auf einer Webseite, entspricht jedoch dem..

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Google Play Instant enables your apps to launch on devices running Android 5.0 (API level 21) or higher without having to install them first. Apps that run this way are called instant apps or instant games. The experience of running an instant app is referred to as instant experience Instant Apps - Storage API sample open_in_new. This sample app demonstrates how to use the Storage API. It is relevant to devices running on Android versions lower than API level 26. On devices running on API level 26 or higher, the Android framework takes care of migrating user data from instant app to installed app. After installation is completed, the installed app transfers the stored data from the instant app by using this API, providing a seamless experience for the user. Usage In the. Android's new app publishing format, the Android App Bundle, makes it easier than ever to offer a Google Play Instant experience. Starting from the Android Studio 3.3 beta release, you can build and publish one app bundle artifact to Google Play containing both instant and feature modules. Build instant games easily with Cocos and Unity plug-ins. Google Play Instant is open to all app and game developers. Get starte with you have a version of the instant app deployed to your device locally you mean for example launching the instant app through Android Studio? Because I got confused by your sentence, there isn't a way of having instant apps locally, right? That's the whole point - Emilian Cebuc Feb 3 '19 at 4:1

While Android 6.0+ is required to for instant Apps right now, bigger things are planned in Android O once it's released. For example, users will be able to launch Instant Apps directly from the launcher, just by searching for them in the search bar. Also, there will be an option to add a icon to the home screen for an Instant App, almost removing the need to ever do a hard install again. That's neat In Android Studio, from the installation options that appear on the General tab of the Run/Debug Configurations dialog, enable the Deploy as instant app checkbox. Select Run > Run in the menu bar, or click Run in the toolbar, then choose the device where you'd like to test your app's instant experiences. Your app's instant experience loads on the test device that you've chosen For example, game developers may want to build the first level of their game as an instant experience and then prompt users to install the full game. Google Play Instant also allows you to display a prompt within your instant experience, inviting users to install the full experience on their device

People can experience your app without upfront installation, enabling a higher level and quality of engagement. To make an instant app load as quickly as a typical mobile webpage does, though, you need to create a well-structured, efficient instant app. The smaller your instant app's binary, the faster it loads and the smoother the user experience is. This document conveys best practices for managing your app's structure and binary size to enable a smooth instant app experience. Select Instant Apps Development SDK. Click Apply. Currently, you can only test instant apps on a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel, Pixel XL, or a Galaxy S7 that's running Android 6.0 or higher. However, if you don't own any of these devices then you can create an Android Virtual Device (AVD) that emulates one of these devices, with a few conditions: the AVD must use an x86 image, and it must include the Google APIs Android Instant Apps developers are required to properly support links for other apps. If the developer's instant app (s) or installed app (s) contains links that have the potential to resolve to.. In addition to the bubble itself, we will show an avatar (as a simple full-color circle) and the name of the user. For the avatar let's define a circle shape under /res/drawable/circle.xml: <shape xmlns:android=http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android android:shape=oval> <solid android:color=#48b3ff/> </shape> How Android Instant Apps Work. For example, let's say you get a link to a BuzzFeed video. If you want to see the video you would have to download the app, right? Thanks to Android Instant apps, Google Play will only download the bits you need to reproduce the video through your phone's browser. By not having to download the entire app our phones are not going to be saturated with.

Download Instant App Example apk 1.2 for Android. Instant App Example Building Android Instant App Tutorial - 1 - YouTube. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. monday.com. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device Android Instant Apps - CleverTap Integration Example. A simple example showing how to integrate CleverTap into an Android Instant App. Learn more about Android Instant Apps here. To get started add com.example.myfirstinstantapp to a Firebase project, download the project's google-services.json file and put it in the app/ directory of this example

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  1. Read more: https://goo.gl/WtGegvGet 75% off DGiT Academy introduction to Android App Development: http://dgit.academy/75offInstant apps are apps that launch.
  2. This convenience methods checks whether the current version of app running is Instant App or Full Android App to allow you convenience. Branch#showInstallPrompt() This methods shows an install prompt for the full Android app, allowing you an easy way to pass Branch referring deep data to the full app through the install process. Similar to how deferred deep linking works for Branch normally, the full app will receive the deep link params in the handle callback
  3. With Firebase, creating real-time social applications is a walk in the park.And the best thing about it: you don't have to write a single line of server-side code. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to leverage FirebaseUI to create a group chat app you can share with your friends. It's going to be a very simple Firebase chat app example with just one chat room, which is open to all users
  4. Instant Apps are the next step in app evolution, a universal Android solution that brings the speed and power of a native app with the ease and immediacy of a web app. They look and operate just.
  5. For example, let's say you have a project that supports both Android wear and Android Phones, you might have a module for the Wear UI layer, Phone UI layer followed by a core module. This core.
  6. Instant Apps and Deep Linking. Instant Apps rely on App Links to work, and App Links are just one type of deep link. So deep linking is still possible for Instant Apps, and is in fact absolutely critical to how they function. However, URI scheme deep linking (which is still very prevalent in Android apps) is not supported.. The difference between a regular app and an Instant App is that the.

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Awesome Android Kotlin Apps aims to be the starting point for developers to find an Android app with a particular Tech Stack / Libraries. Below are the 5 Awesome Open-source Android Kotlin apps. Writing a modular project on Android. When we create a new project on Android Studio, it gives us one module, the app module. This is where a majority of us write our entire application. Each.

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Code Examples. Tags; ndk - include instant app support android studio . Side-Loading-Instant-App ist fehlgeschlagen: Lesepaket abgelaufen (3) Ich hatte einen ähnlichen Fehler beim compileSDK 26 des Projekts mit compileSDK 26 und targetSDK 26. Zurück zu SDK 25 und supportLibrary 25.4.0 löste das Problem für mich. Kann Android Emulator nicht verwenden, um die Instant Apps zu testen !! Jedes. Splash Screen Tutorial With Example In Android Studio. Splash Screen is most commonly the first startup screen which appears when App is opened. In other words, it is a simple constant screen for a fixed amount of time which is used to display the company logo, name, advertising content etc. Normally it shows when app is first time launched on android device or it may be some kind of process.

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How to use Android Instant Apps. On your Android device, perform a Google search for one of the supported applications listed above. Scroll down and select the app listing that includes the word. An android instant app is a native android app reachable through a url with no google play checkout the official website to get an overview of android instant apps. Android instant apps are a cool new way to consume native apps without prior installation. Imagine a friend has sent you a link to a cat video. Android instant apps can also be launched from a url. Users can then load any of these. Order of android instant app sample differ from there are generated by opening its default browser does not the feature? Used to do that android instant app to use more info about the build path is pointing at this point. Module on my instant sample differ from the manifest. as is real estate contract form florida patriot . Handful of instant apps to download the code and sensors to be able to.

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  1. The following examples will help you implement Instance ID in an Android client. Note that these examples use the GCM scope, which you would use to manage tokens in Android client for Google Cloud Messaging. Set Up Google Play Services . To write your client application, use the Google Play services SDK, as described in Set up Google Play Services SDK. The Play Services Library includes the.
  2. The following examples show how to use android.content.pm.packagemanager#INSTALL_INSTANT_APP .These examples are extracted from open source projects. You can vote up the ones you like or vote down the ones you don't like, and go to the original project or source file by following the links above each example
  3. Introduction Android apps can be built in multiple languages using either Java, Kotlin, C#, Javascript, or DART, to name a few. A majority of Android apps are primarily built using Java though.
  4. Téléchargez l'APK 1.0.23 de Instant App Sample pour Android. Instant App Sampl
  5. Apr 10, 2018 - Android instant apps tutorial, installing instant app sdk components, creating instant app project structure, adding instant app feature module, about base modue, app module and instant app module and adding app links to activities in feature module

Modern, performant mobile apps with .NET and C#. Use .NET and C# to create native apps for the billions of Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows devices around the world. Add to that sharing code with any .NET app, empowering you to be more productive and build apps faster than ever across all platforms Open Android Studio and create a new Project (AndroidDvlpr Chat App) with an empty activity. In this project we have to create two activities, one Main Activity that'll check if the user is signed in and if not then sign up or sign in back. Second, is the Chat activity which will contain an Edittext with a send button and where all chat happens Bonus app to get more open-source Android apps: F-Droid. F-Droid is a third-party Android app store which EXCLUSIVELY distributes open-source Android apps. F-Droid has a wide collection of open source apps for Android and with their official app, it is easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device. Also simply browse each. In this Android in-app messaging tutorial, you learned how to build a fully functional chat app using Java or Kotlin. You also learned how easy it is to customize the behavior and build any type of chat or messaging experience. Remember, you can also check out the completed app for the tutorial on GitHub. If you want to get started on integrating chat into your own app, sign up for a free Chat. Optimizing Using Android Profiler; Android Instant App Support; 1. Using Kotlin in Android Studio. For pre-Android Studio 3.0 IDE following was the procedure to enable Kotlin support in your application: Go to Android Studio | Preferences | Plugins | Install JetBrains plugin | Kotlin. The following screen demonstrates the same: With the Android Studio 3.0 update, the Android SDK provides built.

If you have published an Android Instant App, the following data is available on the Statistics page. Android Instant Apps data is based on Pacific Time (PT). To distribute an instant app, learn how to create and rollout a release. Note: For privacy reasons, Google doesn't display instant app data when there are a low number of users In this tutorial, we'll build a simple Android chat application powered by CometChat: I encourage you follow along but if you'd rather to skip ahead to the code, you can find the complete code for this application on GitHub. Create an Android Studio Project. Start a new Android Studio Project and select Empty Activity: Enter a name for your application, I called mine CometChat and. How to Start Building Google Play Android Instant Apps Tutorial. project structure android instant apps. project structure android instant apps. Hammad Tariq. Hello! I am Hammad Tariq. Jack of All trades and Yet master of Many! Senior Android Application Developer | Cross-platform Development | Flutter | Backend Development (Spring Boot + Kotlin + MySQL) | Blogger | Founder I am an all-around. AndroidManifest.xml file in android. The AndroidManifest.xml file contains information of your package, including components of the application such as activities, services, broadcast receivers, content providers etc.. It performs some other tasks also: It is responsible to protect the application to access any protected parts by providing the permissions

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XMPP Clients. An XMPP client is any software or application that enables you to connect to an XMPP for instant messaging with other people over the Internet. There are many free clients you can use to do this, for many different devices and operating systems. Note: The following software was not developed by the XMPP Standards Foundation and. Today, we are going to learn an interesting topic in RxJava i.e Instant Search. I would say interesting because it requires your previous knowledge of multiple RxJava concepts such as Debounce, SwitchMap, RxBinding and Retrofit put together.. We'll consider an example of Contacts Instant Search on a Remote Database. Each time user types a search query, the query will be instantly sent to. Google Instant Apps. Google introduced Instant Apps back at Google I/O 2016, imagining it as the next evolutionary step in the way Android apps are experienced. Traditionally, a user would need to. android documentation: Enabling or disabling Instant Run. Example. Open the Settings or Preferences dialog: On Windows or Linux, select File > Settings from the main menu.; On Mac OSX, select Android Studio > Preferences from the main menu.; Navigate to Build, Execution, Deployment > Compiler.; In the text field next to Command-line Options, enter your command-line options How to Start Building Google Play Android Instant Apps Tutorial. configure instant app activity android studio. configure instant app activity android studio. Hammad Tariq. Hello! I am Hammad Tariq. Jack of All trades and Yet master of Many! Senior Android Application Developer | Cross-platform Development | Flutter | Backend Development (Spring Boot + Kotlin + MySQL) | Blogger | Founder I am.

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Android - Studio - You will be delighted, to know that you can start your Android application development on either of the following operating systems Now run your app and see the output of the app. Note: As our app is not published on Google Play so we will only get the referrer details as organic and other details will get as zero. Output: Attention reader! Don't stop learning now. Get hold of all the important Java Foundation and Collections concepts with the Fundamentals of Java and Java Collections Course at a student-friendly price.

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These apps will provide assistance to speak, read, and understand an unknown language instantly. Best Translator Apps for Android Here I am going to discuss the 20 best translator apps for Android with different features, dictionary, speech recognition system, pronunciation, and offline facility These are innovative android app project ideas are used by students for learning as well as online business ideas by startups. Your search for latest project topics ends here. These ideas have been researched and updated here every week for students to implement and use. Android platform has grown exponentially in terms of size and technology in the past years. Android is used for standalone.

Note: The app at this point needs Instant Run enabled in Android Studio to work.To check this, open Preferences > Build, Execution, Deployment > Instant Run.Make sure the Enable Instant Run checkbox is checked.. You can read more about Instant Run on the Android Developer site Install APK on Android - Video Tutorial . Free TROYPOINT App with Rapid App Installer. Register for IPVanish VPN with Best Discount. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Tablet. Amazon Fire Tablets. Suggested Free Android File Managers/Explorers. These are all available for free download through the Google Play Store. X-plore File Manager . FX File Explorer. Solid Explorer. Note: The video tutorial above.

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  1. Hopefully, this tutorial has given you a quick overview of how to think about Unity in this context, so you can get out there and build your own non-game app in Unity today! Android Development.
  2. utes Mesibo Messenger is an open-source app with real-time messaging, voice, and video call features. We have released the entire source code of Mesibo Android, iOS, and JavaScript Apps on GitHub, where it can be continuously updated
  3. Instant Run is currently available only in Android Studio 2.0, and higher. We will continue to improve the feature in subsequent releases. If you run into any additional issues, please help by logging bugs in our public Issues Tracker. You can create an issue via this link or by clicking on Help → Submit Feedback directly in Android Studio
  4. In this example, the app has an approximate download size of 5.4 MB and an approximate install size of 13.7 MB on an iPhone12,1 (Model ID / Hardware number for iPhone 11) and iPhone11,8 (iPhone XR) running iOS 13.0.To measure an iOS app exactly, you have to upload a release IPA to Apple's App Store Connect (instructions) and obtain the size report from there
  5. 今天,在 Android Studio 中通过运行项目安装到手机上的app 程序正常,然后把build→outputs文件下的 apk 安装包,发给测试后,测试反馈安装后打开闪退,抓紧把那个apk安装到自己手机上,发现果然存在闪退。查阅资料后,解决方案总结如下: 1、把 Android Studio 的 Instant Run 给关掉,File → Settings → Build.

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  1. Translate voice - Translator, Google Translate, and Microsoft Translator are probably your best bets out of the 7 options considered. Accurate translations is the primary reason people pick Translate voice - Translator over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision
  2. Next on the list of augmented reality apps (Android and iOS for this one, too) is YouCam Makeup. Here, we move away from interior design and toward the artistry of cosmetics. Buying makeup is typically a leap of faith - you might get to try on samples at the makeup counter, but fluorescent lighting plays tricks on the eyes and doesn't account for typical selfie lighting conditions. But.
  3. Google Map Example To Draw A Route Between Two Locations In Android Studio: In this example, we are drawing path between two locations using Polylines. In this we define origin and dest latlng. After that we get direction urls and then execute AsyncTask class to get data from direction API. In the end, we parse direction data and then use PolylineOptions to draw the path between two locations.

For example, the IMDb app uses the same Application Key on Android phone and Fire tablets, but the IMDb Trivia app has a different Application Key. The Application Key is used in the setAppKey call mentioned in Step 3 of the Quick Start Guide, and your developer reports will aggregate data by Application Key. Proper use of your Application Key permits accurate tracking, reporting, and accrual. Conversations: the very last word in instant messaging. Design principles. Be as beautiful and easy to use as possible without sacrificing security or privacy; Rely on existing, well established protocols (XMPP) Do not require a Google Account or specifically Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) Features. End-to-end encryption with OMEMO or OpenPG An android instant app is a native android app reachable through a url with no google play checkout the official website to get an overview of android instant apps. Only parts of the app are downloaded and launched, giving the users a native look and feel in a couple of seconds. This sample is aiming to then define a name for this module (for example instanttrip details) and choose add no. Follow these steps to create an instant Alarm Android app. I have included the source code below. Step 1. Open Android Studio and start a new Android Studio Project. Step 2. You can choose your application name and choose where your project is stored Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in Bookmarksgrove right at the coast of the Semantics, a large language ocean. A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary..

This tutorial was built using: Android Studio: 4.0.2. Android Version: 10 API 29. Sendbird Core SDK: 3.0.148. 2. Creating the Messaging UI. Creating Activity UI . In this tutorial, we'll create a dedicated activity to host our messages. For this activity, we will need a xml. So first thing we will do is create activity_channel.xml. The primary component in this activity is a RecyclerView. In Android Studio, with your project open, click Run > Run 'app' (or press Shift + F10) Select the device you want run the app on, under either Connected Devices or Available Emulators; Running a sample app. The sample apps are in the Samples folder of the SDK you downloaded. To run a sample app: Open Android Studi The Invoice Simple App requires Android 4.1 or higher or iOS 9.0 or later. Likelihood of Use The portable, flexible nature of Invoice Simple, both as a free invoice app and a paid service, makes it ideal for today's entrepreneurial business person. It allows on the spot estimates to be turned into invoices to close the deal and get you paid. The app is perfect for the sole proprietorship or.

The Android app for Microsoft Power BI delivers the mobile BI experience for Power BI, Power BI Report Server, and Reporting Services. View and interact with your company dashboards on premises and in the cloud from anywhere, with live, touch-enabled mobile access. Explore the data in dashboards, and share with your colleagues in email or text messages. You create Power BI reports in Power BI. Individual test cases are executed on the DUT. The test cases are written in Java as JUnit tests and packaged Android .apk files to run on the actual device target. The Compatibility Test Suite Verifier (CTS Verifier) is a supplement to the CTS available for download. CTS Verifier provides tests for APIs and functions that cannot be tested on a. Je länger ihr euer Android-Smartphone in Gebrauch habt, desto mehr Apps sammeln sich an und die Übersichtlichkeit geht allmählich flöten. Wir verraten euch einige Mittel und Wege, mit denen. Android storage can be divided into two types, internal storage, and external storage. This article will introduce both internal and external storage and how to use them to save files in your android application. 1. Android Internal Storage Overview. Internal storage is used to store android app private data such as files, cached files, shared_preferences, Android Read Write External. For example, you don't have to pay extra fees to chat with people in other countries, and you don't even have to give out your phone number in most cases. Messaging apps are especially helpful for contacting co-workers outside of regular work hours since you can send documents and make video calls. For distributed workforces, messaging apps provide a way for employees in different time zones.

These apps let you automatically reply from Android notifications. This will help to avoid the whole process of opening the app for giving a reply to that particular message. With Android auto reply apps, you don't need to focus on sending replies immediately to unimportant messages Android Instant Apps: Teleport directly into new apps right from your browser, no installation needed. Instagram. Evolving our superest of powers safely and soundly. Peace of mind in the palm of your hand Google Play Protect: Working to keep your device and data safe from misbehaving apps by scanning over 50 billion apps per day, even the ones you haven't installed yet! Talk about a life saver. Use your Android's camera app. Your Android phone's camera likely has the ability to scan QR codes without the use of a third-party app. ( PssT! This also works on Apple's iPhone.) Open your. 4.2.2 4.3 abc Action Bar AlertDialog Android Android 4.4 Android 5.0 Android apk Android Desktop OS Apps BBM Free Download Genymotion Google Play Google Play Services Hack KitKat kotlin Linux ListView load image register register authentication material design mongodb nodejs opencv Python Raspberry Pi recycler view retrofit rxjava SQLite Surf Terminal Tips Torrent Transfer Files.

Referrer Test Android 0.10 Télécharger et Installer l'APK. Test référent 2. FR English; Português En cours de téléchargement Instant Apps Referrer Sample_v0.10_apkpure.com.apk (2.6 MB) Comment installer un fichier APK / XAPK. Si le téléchargement ne démarre pas , cliquez ici. Guardians of Cloudia. Unleash your 9-MONSTER legion to Explore the Infinite world! Téléchargement. PlantSnap is the first instant plant identification app that will work on the go (provided you have a cellular data connection). But don't worry - PlantSnap also allows you to upload photos after you get back from your off-the-grid hiking expedition. That's why we still list it as a terrific hiking app. PlantSnap can provide very accurate results, but it is also constantly learning and. The best solution to getting your device back to optimal levels is to disable auto start apps Android. Bear in mind that everything that runs on your smartphone or tablet will have some impact on the resources allotted for battery power, CPU, and memory.. This is usually not a big deal as the Android system is designed to stock its RAM with apps to give users a fast experience Instant Inventory is designed for small-scale businesses to manage their inventory, update stock, and record movement of items. Available for Android devices and 4-star rated with hundreds of reviews, Instant Inventory allows for barcode scanning. Key Features: Mobile resource handling; Barcode integration and server side interfacing; Database interactions; Cost: FREE, with in-app purchases.

In this article, I will show you how to create a pop up menu Android App using Android Studio. SMS stands for Short Message Service and is also commonly referred to as a text message. With a SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device. Longer messages will automatically be split up into several parts. Most cell phones support this type of text messaging Xamarin supports android app bundles in the simplest case only, and leaves it to the developer to read the fine print to discover that instant apps and dynamic feature delivery are not implemented. Wally McClure May 7, 2020 9:57 am collapse this comment. Unfortunately, that is how it has always been with software. They start supporting an initial feature, and over time, it gets better. I. Playing Audio in android Example or android audio example with examples of Activity and Intent, Fragments, Menu, Service, alarm manager, storage, sqlite, xml, json, multimedia, speec

Android ToggleButton Example. Android Toggle Button can be used to display checked/unchecked (On/Off) state on the button. It is beneficial if user have to change the setting between two states. It can be used to On/Off Sound, Wifi, Bluetooth etc. Since Android 4.0, there is another type of toggle button called switch that provides slider control Android-Smartphones gibt's viele. Fast alle sehen unterschiedlich aus. Vor allem bei der Software-Oberfläche zeigt sich das: App-Symbole, Benachrichtigungen,.

Android 8.0 Oreo and newer. Step 1: Open Settings. Step 2: Tap Apps & Notifications. Step 3: Tap to expand Advanced. Step 4: Tap Special App Access. Step 5: Tap Install Unknown Apps. Step 6: Tap. How to automatically update show current latitude and longitude in android dynamically android studio code tutorial. Finding out your current GPS location is very important for all the apps which included any kind of GPS connectivity functionality like distance tracker applications or location tracker apps because with this you can easily get your present android mobile phone device location. Sample Android app with Dialogflow Chatbot. Here is a sample android app which has dialogflow chatbot integrated. Download and run it in android studio. Step 3: Launch Android chat app with Dialogflow integrated chatbot. Now, you can send payload to dialogflow through chat screen and get text response from Dialogflow Agent. Kommunicate provides a ready to use Chat UI so only launching the chat. Android Fragment is part of Android app UI or represents a behavior (DialogFragment,ListFragment)of the particular portion in an application.You can think of Fragments as module section UI or behavior of Activity with its own Lifecycle. In this tutorial, you will see Android Fragment Example in Kotlin In this tutorial we are simply saving the the drawable resource image which already saves into drawable folder inside android application to external storage. We are storing image on button click in memory card of our device. So here is the complete step by step tutorial for Save/Store image to External storage android example tutorial Übersetzungs-Apps helfen bei der Verständigung in unterschiedlichen Sprachen. PC-WELT hat 11 Android-Apps auf ihre Brauchbarkeit getestet

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