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Yes. I had horrific cystic acne after being put on Cerelle after having to stop the combi pill. After waiting for it to settle down for months (it didn't) I went back to the GP and asked to try a different kind of POP to see if any were better. They put my on Micronor, telling me it probably wouldn't make any difference as the active ingredient was the same Acne & Diet: Many foods can aggravate acne. The most common culprits, in my observations, are nuts and peanut butter, dairy products (excess cheese and milk), sugars and high glycemic index foods (chocolate). So, no snickers bars; no reese's cups; no gallons of milk, cut down on cheese Within a week of switching from a pill she had been on for 6 years, Millie Sansoye noticed a difference in her skin, the heaviness of her periods and her facial hair. Her acne free complexion had disappeared, and a seemingly overnight change in skin types revealed greasy hair and clogged pores. Millie started to grow dark facial hair on her chin and above her upper lip and began to notice the skin under her eyebrows was flaking and falling off

An analysis of 942 people who used the etonogestrel implant for an average of two years found that 12% reported acne, but only about 1% stopped using the implant because of this side effect (7). Yes. Protection against acne is a known benefit of combination pills — pills that contain both estrogen and progestin. But combination pills do not have an immediate impact on acne. Go to my Profile and you can find all about Acne material there.. Cerelle is a contraceptive pill used to prevent pregnancy, known as a mini pill or POP (progestogen-only pill). When taken correctly, Cerelle is 99 per cent effective. It contains only one hormone,..

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  1. Was ist Cerelle? Die Cerelle ist eine Pille zur Schwangerschaftsverhütung. Sie enthält mit Desogestrel ein Gestagen, dass im Körper einigen Prozesse in Gang setzt, die eine Schwangerschaft verhindern. Anders als Kombinationspillen und Mikropillen kommt diese Pille mit nur einem enthaltenen Hormon aus. Somit sollen bei einer sicheren Verhütung weniger bzw. schwächere Nebenwirkungen entstehen
  2. Cerelle is the devil! If it works for you, that's great but keep an eye on it for side effects and get swapped to something else if you don't like it. I am now back on cerezette, acne is clearing up nicely bar a few spots on my chin, my hair is still **** but it will grow eventually and best of all, no periods
  3. I've been on cerelle/cerazette for around a year and a half now and have had no periods whatsoever (blessing!). I do have some mood swings but I also suffer from anxiety so that doesn't help things. Apart from some slight weight gain (nothing noticeable) this pill has worked for me, it is also pretty effective against pregnancy in my experience but as always, use a condom with it! As said before, my GP said that I have to take it continuously (no breaks) at the same time everyday, but I can.
  4. As well as acting as a form of contraception, the pill - with its hormone balancing properties - is also frequently used to sort out issues with regulating periods and dealing with acne
  5. You must take the progestogen-only pill at the same time each day. If you take it more than 3 hours late (traditional progestogen-only pill) - or 12 hours late (desogestrel pill) - it may not be effective. If you're sick (vomit) or have severe diarrhoea, the progestogen-only pill may not work
  6. It normally takes a few months for the combined pill to have an effect on acne. You may even have a flare-up when you start taking the pill, but your hormone levels should become more regular over time. If your acne does not improve in that time or it seems to be getting worse, you should talk to a doctor. They'll be able to help you work out why, or prescribe a different pill
  7. Cerelle caused me to break out in what can only be described as acne for the first time in my life. I have always had flawless skin, perhaps the odd spot here and there when I get stressed. Now, at 22, my whole chin, nose and part of my cheeks were breaking out in spots every day. I couldn't stop them. It was making me even more depressed and I was having to wear make up everyday to cover everything up. When the spots eventually did heal, they were discolouring and scarring my.

My periods have been hideous since I was 13, so it was something of a blessing when they stopped pretty much instantly after beginning Cerelle in October 2014. Less of a blessing: for the first few weeks I had water retention, mild nausea, mild acne and insomnia. Given that I'd just moved into a new place with new housemates, entered my final year of university, begun a new relationship and was taking too much MDMA, I didn't really notice the beginning or end of these side. What is Cerelle? Headaches Spots or acne Tender Breasts Vaginal Discharge Womb Cramp Cerelle is a progestogen-only pill, which contains the progestogen desogestrel. Like other progestogen-only pills, Cerelle is best suited for use during breast feeding and for women who may not or do not want to use oestrogens. In contrast to traditional progestogen-only pills, the contraceptive effect of Cerelle is achieved primarily by inhibition of ovulation. Other effects include increased viscosity of the cervical mucus Report 5 years ago. #27. I hate Cerelle, it's given me a 2 week long period so far. I've had a headache for a week (could be because of other health issues though) and I've broken out. I'm due for the implant this coming Friday so I've stopped taking Cerelle because it is doing me no good. Worse pill I've ever been on Cerelle is a form of progestogen-only mini pill. Its active ingredient is desogestrel, which is a synthetic version of the hormone progesterone. Cerelle is prescribed to sexually active women who do not want to get pregnant. It's the generic version of Cerazette - it contains the same active ingredient and works in the same way

Hi, I changed to Cerelle 2 months ago because my normal mini pill had been discontinued (femulen) I was fine for the first month or so no period but then a month ago got heavy spotting and period pain now 4 weeks of this, its driving me crazy! I have to go back soon as the nurse gave me 3 months supply to try it out, if this is what its like I want to change any advice? 0 like. Reply. Alternatively, you could try progestogen-only pills like Cerazette (or Cerelle), Noriday, and Norgeston, which don't contain any oestrogen and can be particularly beneficial if you suffer from migraines or can't take the combined contraceptive pill for other medical reasons. Mood swings. One of the side effects that's had a lot of press in recent years, thanks to The Debrief's #MadAboutThePill. Cérelle est une micro-pilule ou pilule progestative, produite par les laboratoires Consilient Health Limited. Cette pilule contraceptive de troisième génération est différente des pilules combinées car elle ne contient aucun œstrogène désogestrel She says it helped a little with her acne and her period cramps, but the mood swings were 'horrific'. When I went on the pill I had mild-severe acne and had heard the pill could help with this. I was about 17/18 at the time. My periods were also heavy and really painful. I was on it for about 10 years, I stopped mainly because I got married and was getting ready to have kids in. I was put on cerelle 4 months ago after being on mercilon (combined pill) for about 20 years but due to recently getting bad headaches I was told I couldn't take them anymore as risk of stroke. Well first few weeks OMG! The mood swings, swearing which I don't really do!! Thankfully only lasted a few weeks and as nurse said I needed to give pill 3 months to let my body get used to them. Then came feeling bloated all the time, very sore boobs agony! Put on weight although haven.

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Cerelle Mini Pill and Acne on Chin Mumsne

can i take lymecyline (for acne) whislt taking cerelle

If you're suffering from acne and are worried about scarring, try not to panic too much. Dr. Mahto told us that only 15% of cases will lead scarring, and in that scenario there are always. Acheter les médicaments pour traiter l'acné sans ordonnance. Il est possible d'acheter les médicaments pour traiter l'acné en ligne sans prescription du médecin en pharmacie en ligne. À coup de la création d'une ordonnance en ligne par un diagnostic à distance, l'achat des médicaments sur ordonnance est légalement admissible.La base juridique est le règlement de l'UE sur. Bestellen Sie keine Cerelle oder Antibabypille, wenn Ihnen nicht , ein Rezept durch einen zertifizierten Arzt ausgestellt wird, der vorher überprüft hat, ob Sie sich für das Medikament eignen. Apomeds kann nur ein Folgerezept ausstellen. Wenn Sie die Pille bereits genommen haben und gut vertragen, können Sie ein Folgerezept beantragen. Die Antibabypille wird innerhalb von 24 bis 48 Stunden.

Cerelle Vs Cerazette: The Contraceptive Monopol

  1. Cerelle vous empêche de tomber enceinte en augmentant l'épaisseur du mucus au niveau du cou de votre ventre (cervix), ce qui rend plus difficile la pénétration du sperme. Contrairement aux pilules traditionnelles contenant uniquement un progestatif, l'effet contraceptif de Cerelle est obtenu principalement par l'inhibition de l'ovulation
  2. ipíldoras. Como no contiene estrógenos, en una alternativa eficaz para aquellas mujeres más sensibles a los efectos secundarios que en ocasiones provocan las píldoras combinadas. Pueden,también, tomarse durante la lactancia
  3. But girls are now breaking up with one pill in particular: Rigevidon. It's one of the cheapest combined-pills for the NHS to give out, and like all contraception has its side effects. In the UK.
  4. i-pill, a form of contraceptive pill that only uses a synthetic version of progestogen, rather than a combination of progestogen and oestrogen. Cerelle works by stopping the ovaries in the female body from producing eggs to be fertilized by male sperm. This means that you no longer ovulate as normal. Additionally, Cerelle can increase the thickness.

Has anyone been on the mini pill (Cerelle, etc

Cerelle Vs Cerazette: The Contraceptive Monopoly. Please get back to me. Thats how the triplets were conceived lol this time round i said i wasnt happy on cerelle and the dr said ok you can have cerazette then absolutely fine on it Is cerelle the same as cerazette,Duraphat 5000 reviewIs cerelle the same as cerazette,What does lansoprazole do Cerelle. Cerelle is one brand of mini pill that contains desogestrel. Some of our reviewers have experienced headaches and acne whilst using cerelle. For over 50% of women it stopped their period altogether. One reviewer shared: I've been on the pill for 3 and half years. It's stopped my periods, helped my skin and prevented pregnancy.

Cerelle is een minipil en bevat dus alleen een progestageen. Deze pil levert een vorm van hormonale anticonceptie en wordt gemaakt door Consilient Health. Dankzij treated.com is het heel makkelijk om online uw anticonceptie te bestellen. Als u vandaag nog uw bestelling plaatst heeft u uw anticonceptie morgen in huis A once oil free complexion began a break out cycle worse than the acne of her teen years, and she was experiencing intense cerelle and cerazette anxiety that was. How does Cerazette work? Please get back to me. This is very interesting, my doctors surgery nurse gave me cerelle just over 5 weeks ago, saying that cerazette was not available but this was the same, i was concerned as very happy.

Cerelle est une pilule microprogestative distribuée par le laboratoire britannique Consilient Health. Sa composition en hormones synthétiques empêche son utilisatrice de tomber enceinte. Elle a une composition identique aux pilules Antigone et Optimizette. Il n'a jamais été simple de se procurer en ligne sa micropilule. Le service de consultation en ligne Treated.com vous permet de voir. Went back on pill cerelle 5 years ago at 48 as started new relationship after divorce - I have always had pmt since a teenager and 2 years ago started getting what I still refer to as 'pmt' again although didn't have a period due to pill - dr advised I stopped taking it and see what happened had the. mumbet in Women's Health. Suffering with Cerelle after 5 months. I have taken Cerelle.

Cerelle and other contraceptive pills are not treatments for acne. However, the combined contraceptive pill, containing oestrogen and progestogen, can have a beneficial effect on acne-prone skin. This is not the case with Cerelle and other progestogen-only mini-pills; the pills must contain both oestrogen and progestogen to have any beneficial effect A once oil free complexion began a break out cycle worse than the acne of her teen years, and she was experiencing intense anxiety that was. It's just a cost thing. I was told to go on Cerelle as it was the same as Cerazette Cerazette and cerelle difference,There are three basic steps men can cerazette and cerelle difference take to bolste Die Anwendung von Cerazette kann zu Nebenwirkungen & Wechselwirkungen mit anderen Medikamenten oder Wirkstoffen führen. Im Folgenden werden diese im Detail aufgeführt. Zu beachten ist dabei jedoch immer, dass jeder Mensch unterschiedlich auf Medikament Cerelle: Pille mikroprogestativ, Potenz und Dosis Cerelle, entwickelt vom Labor von Consilient Health, ist eine Pille, die die Anwenderin davor schützt, schwanger zu werden. Cerelle ist eine Mikropille, die mit Desogestrel, einem einzelnen synthetischen Hormon, hergestellt wird. Sie ist ideal für Frauen, die anfällig für die Nebenwirkungen östrogenhaltiger Verhütungspillen sind, und für. Cerazette And Cerelle Difference. Went to the docs as I was about to run out and was given cerelle..A once oil free complexion began a break out cycle worse than the acne of her teen years, and she was experiencing intense anxiety that was. I cerazette and cerelle difference have been taking cerazette for 3 years with no issues at all. About 2.

Cerelle (desogestrel): uses, dosage and side effect

Cerelle on yhtä hormonia sisältä e-pilleri, jota myy Consilient. Tämän tyylistä e-pilleriä kutsutaan yleensä minipilleriksi. Koska se ei sisällä estrogeenia, se on hyvä raskauden ehkäisykeino niille, jotka ovat herkkiä yhdistelmäehkäisypillereiden mahdollisille haittavaikutuksille. Pilleri sopii myös imettäville. Pienempi. Cerazette / Cerelle / Zelleta / Generic Desogestrel are all different versions of the same mini pill. They all contain the active ingredient desogestrel 75mg which is a type of synthetic progestogen. If taken on day one of your menstrual cycle, it will provide immediate protection from pregnancy

Cerelle Contraceptive Pill From £12.99 Medication features. The contraceptive pill is a hormonal based tablet that regulates a woman's cycle and prevents pregnancy. It must be taken regularly throughout a woman's cycle for full effectiveness. For female use only; Used for contraceptive purposes ; Overview. NOTE: After selecting this product, you will need to complete a short assessment. How do you say cerelle, learn the pronunciation of cerelle in PronounceHippo.com. cerelle pronunciation with translations, sentences, synonyms, meanings, antonyms, and more. Pronunciation of cerelle . Cerelle . Select Speaker Voice. Rate the pronunciation struggling of Cerelle. 3 /5. Difficult (1 votes) Spell and check your pronunciation of cerelle. Press and start speaking. Click on the.

Cerazette And Cerelle. They are primarily using it for improving their cerelle and cerazette sexual performance, which at that age is more a matter of pride and ego. A once oil free complexion began a break out cycle worse than the acne of her teen years, and she was experiencing intense anxiety that was. Horrible pill reaction for me. Ensure that you buy your medications from a reputed online. Cerelle is a mini pill that contains only one hormone, desogestrel, that protects you from getting pregnant. You take it every day without having a pill-free break. With an EveAdam subscription, you can get your pill delivered to you regularly when you need it, without worrying about your prescription running out. Treatments from only £6.33 per month. Start your consultation. Buy Cerelle. Cerelle is not available over the counter in the UK, you will need a prescription to get Cerelle. This is because, Cerelle can increase your risk of certain health conditions, so it is important that you are low risk for these before you take Cerelle. You can get a prescription for Cerelle from a sexual health centre, a family planning clinic or your GP. Once you have been prescribed Cerelle. Acne. Alopecia. Rash, Urticaria, Erythema nodosum. Reproductive system and breast disorders. Breast pain, Menstruation irregular, Amenorrhoea. Dysmenorrhoea, Ovarian cyst. General disorders and administration site condition. Fatigue. Investigations . Weight increased * MedDRA version 9.0. Breast discharge may occur during use of Cerazette. On rare occasions, ectopic pregnancies have been.

Acne; Breast tenderness; Decreased sex drive (libido) Depression; Headaches; Nausea; Ovarian cysts; How you prepare. You'll need a prescription for the minipill from your health care provider. As long as you aren't pregnant, you can start taking the minipill anytime — ideally on the first day of your menstrual period. Your health care provider might recommend using a backup method of birth. Hello (: Sorry it's a long-ish post! I was prescribed Cerelle whilst I waited for my implant, but due to it making me a horrid crazy woman I decided to cancel my appointment for the implant and stop taking Cerelle. (Not going to use any form of hormonal contraception ever again!) I'd taken the pill for two weeks, and stopped last night A Cerelle é uma pílula apenas com progesterona, produzida pela Consilient Health. É um tipo de contracetivo hormonal. Possui as mesmas quantidades de progesterona de outras pílulas populares em Portugal, como a Cerazette, Azalia e Salimette. Conseguir a minipílula online não tem de ser difícil. Na Treated.com, o nosso serviço de consulta simples, permite que um médico reveja o seu.

Cerelle: das östrogenfreie Verhütungsmittel - Antibabypille

Starting routine. One tablet daily, on a continuous basis, starting on day 1 of cycle and taken at the same time each day (if delayed by longer than 12 hours contraceptive protection may be lost). Additional contraceptive precautions are not required if desogestrel is started up to and including day 5 of the menstrual cycle; if started after. If you start Cerelle in the first five days after a miscarriage or abortion you'll be protected against pregnancy immediately. [emoji253] I was worried about mood change more than anything when started the pill, but this bleeding for 2 months in a row is just meh.Sent from my SM-G955F using Netmums mobile app, I need to get an apt with her in July, I'll have to speak to her and discuss what. Taking Cerelle after using the mini pill (progesterone only pill) You can stop taking the mini pill and start taking Cerelle on any day. You will be protected from pregnancy and do not need to use any additional barrier methods of contraception. Taking Cerelle after having a baby. You can start taking Cerelle between day 21 and 28 after. Covers the use of the progestogen-only pill (POP), including initial assessment, how to start (or switch to) a POP, possible risks and adverse effects, key drug interactions, information and advice for the woman, how to manage common problems (such as unscheduled bleeding and missed pills), follow-up requirements, and duration of use for this method of contraception Acne » Lymecycline (Tetralysal) And Epiduo Cerelle can be used while you are breastfeeding as it doesn't affect the production or quality of breast milk. Back to top. Cerelle reviews. Our customers rate Cerelle 5 out of 5 on Trustpilot with many feeling satisfied with the product. On The Lowdown, Cerelle has been given 3 out of 5 stars by reviewers. Reasons for this could include: 33%.

Cerelle is used for the prevention of pregnancy. Cerelle contains a small amount of a type of female sex hormone, the progestin desogestrel. For this reason, Cerelle is called a progestin-only pill (POP). Unlike the combined pill, POP does not contain an estrogenic hormone alongside progestogen. Most POPs work primarily by preventing sperm from entering the uterus, but they do not always. desogestrel (0,075mg) for acne / spots. So first couple days was fine didnt notice any side affects. After a few days passed suddenly I had an uncontrolable urge to cry at everything, get reeally angry over small things develped acne, put on weight, not from the actual pill itself doing that but it had increased my appetite making me binge eat. None of these where like me. I told my Dr i. Buy Cerazette Online | Contraceptive pill, birth control mini pill | Private & Confidential. Free consultation & Prescription. Discreet UK Next Day Deliver Morgan was only 20 days cerelle vs cerazette into her new mini-pill prescription when the panic attacks appeared. A once oil free complexion where to buy hydrogen peroxide began a break out cycle worse than the acne of her teen years, and she was experiencing intense anxiety that was. Cerelle Vs Cerazette: The Contraceptive Monopoly. Cerazette vs Cerelle. If taken correctly, it's more than 99%.

According to my research, several things can happen. Hi all, I've been taking the mini pill Cerelle for almost 3 months now and I feel like I may be experiencing depression. I'd taken the pill for two weeks, and stopped last night. What is your I have been suffering with all of the above since my Jan baby was born and I started on Cerelle. Still considered the most popular birth control. I was put on Yaz when I was really young to try and stop my acne, but I had a pretty bad reaction to it and found out that I'm likely allergic to estrogen, which is now a running joke between me and my doctor. I didn't try any other contraceptives for a while after that but I've been taking Microlut (mini pill) for around 9 months now. At first I didn't have any problems with it, but. Cerelle 75 mcg 12 x 28 Tabl. ohne Rezept online kaufen. Cerelle günstig online rezeptfrei bestellen. Günstige Preise. Schnelle + Diskrete Lieferung. Cerelle gegen Verh tungsmittel inkl. Rezeptausstellung in der Versandapotheke anfordern. Cerelle, ein rezeptpflichtiges Medikament aus der Kategorie Verh tungsmittel Cerelle 75 mcg 9 x 28 Tabl. ohne Rezept online kaufen. Cerelle günstig online rezeptfrei bestellen. Günstige Preise. Schnelle + Diskrete Lieferung. Cerelle gegen Verh tungsmittel inkl. Rezeptausstellung in der Versandapotheke anfordern. Cerelle, ein rezeptpflichtiges Medikament aus der Kategorie Verh tungsmittel Hi all, Ive always had bad spots, all my life. But now at the age of 33 its the worst its ever ever been. I have every type of spot you can imagine covering my entire face. Its got to the stage where make up just wont cover it and Im producing oil at an alarming rate. Ive been on the mini pill Ce..

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Cerelle je enako kot druge mini-tablete, ki vsebujejo 75 mikrogramov desogestrela; med njimi Cerazette in Zelleta. Ključna dejstva o Cerelle. Cerelle je blagovna znamka za tablete desogestrel 75 mikrogramov. To lahko sprejme večina žensk, vključno z dojenimi materami, težkimi kadilci in tisti z visokim krvnim tlakom, migreno ali tveganjem nastanka krvnih strdkov. Zdravilo Cerelle je 99. Although my acne seems to be getting better, I have bled every day since starting the pack. It seems to be more than spotting though, its a flow similar to the middle of my period. Also, when I started my placebo pills my period has been more heavy than any I've had in my life. In the first week I experienced nausea and extreme mood swings and depression. My symptoms have not ben. Akne; Thrombosen können durch die Minipille nicht verursacht werden. Die Minipille muss immer zur gleichen Uhrzeit eingenommen werden, damit die Verhütung garantiert ist. Wenn Sie die Pille einnehmen möchten, dann sollten Sie Ihren Arzt fragen. Er entscheidet welche Art von Pille zu Ihnen passt. Wann muss man die Antibabypille nehmen PCOS is a hormone imbalance that can cause irregular periods, unwanted hair growth, and acne. The cysts on the ovaries aren't harmful and don't need to be removed. The treatment for PCOS is healthy nutrition, exercise, and medications. Facebook. Twitter. email. Print. Adolescent girls and young women are frequently prescribed oral contraceptive pills (also called the Pill) for.

Is anyone on cerelle contraceptive mini pill? Opinions

Cerelle - Medikament aus der Kategorie Verhütung. Preis, Kosten. Verhütung - Cerelle 75 mcg 12 x 28 Stück Preis: 95.90. Kauf auf Rechnung. Rechnungskauf und Ratenkauf sind möglich - Cerelle 75 mcg 12 x 28 Stück auf Rechnung bestellen, bezahlen unkompliziert per Überweisung. Cerelle 75 mcg 12 x 28 Stück Original kaufen ohne Rezept Duac Acne Gel 5% 30 g rezeptfrei bestellen durch Ferndiagnose in der Online-Apotheke. Günstiger Preis, sehr guter Kundenservice. Seriöser und legaler und Service durch die EU-Richtlinie zur Patientenmobilität. Duac Akne Gel wird schnell und in diskreter Verpackung mit Express-Versand und ohne Zollprobleme geliefert Other contraceptive pills which contain desogestrel include Cerazette and Cerelle, so if you're considering taking any of these and you have a peanut allergy, speak to your GP first. 3. Over the counter ear drops. Ear drops are used to soften the build-up of hard wax in the ears and Cerumol ear drops, in particular, use peanut oil to do so

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Female experiences on the pill - A liberating or traumatic experience? I noticed a significant change in my personality whilst on the pill. 1. The popular belief that taking the Pill makes you pile on the pounds has been exposed as a myth by an expert in women's health, reported the Daily Express. I have collated a number of women's stories of their experiences on the pill. Bijwerkingen van Cerelle. Stemmingswisselingen, meer of minder zin in seks, hoofdpijn, misselijkheid, braken, acne, pijn of spanning in de borsten, veranderingen in het ritme van de menstruatie en gewichtstoename zijn bekende klachten die kunnen opspelen bij het gebruik van Cerelle Find out how it works, how effective it is, what to do if you miss a pill, and side effects. For this reason Cerelle is called a progestogen-only pill (POP) or mini-pill. TIME STAMPS BELOW!Today's video is a bit of a different one! The nurse has given me this mini pill to start when I get my next period. According to my research, several things can happen. Mini pill cerelle,Gaviscon and.

My Acne Journey – The Weight Of My WorldsCerelle : commandez votre micropilule en ligne sansDESOLON - CONTRACEPTIVE PILL: Buy at Best Price inBuy Millinette Tablets Online | Chemist ClickAnticonceptie | Anticonceptiepil bestellen | Morning after pil

Stop taking the birth control pill, and you'll start ramping up production of prostaglandins again — and likely ramping up that monthly pain, too. And actually, your periods in general might. Isotretinoin ( Roaccutane , Reticutan , and Rizuderm ) is indicated for severe acne that is resistant to adequate courses of standard antibacterial or topical therapy. Although an effective. Cerelle Contraceptive Pill From £12.99 Medication features. The contraceptive pill is a hormonal based tablet that regulates a woman's cycle and prevents pregnancy. It must be taken regularly throughout a woman's cycle for full effectiveness. For female use only; Used for contraceptive purposes ; Overview. NOTE: After selecting this product, you will need to complete a short assessment. Utilisé pour traiter les troubles de l'érection (impuissance), le Sildénafil est l'ingrédient principal du Viagra et donne son nom à la version générique de ce traitement. A l'instar de la pilule bleue, le Sildénafil permet de maintenir une érection durable pendant un rapport sexuel. Il entraîne le relâchement des.

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