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Wefunder will help community leaders revitalize their main streets. Neighbors are the best judge of what will succeed in their town, not a Wall St. bank looking at a FICO score. VIII. To help even those we disagree with. Wefunder will assume good faith and build empathy when helping those with different cultural values and political beliefs. Instead of focusing on our differences, we'll look towards our shared humanity Charter Email Login | Angel Investor | If you have a problem logging in to a charter.net account. You just concentrated on email protection. Wefunder supports three different federal laws that allow startups to raise money legally. To comply with the law, Wefunder Advisors LLC and Wefunder Portal LLC (both owned by Wefunder Inc) also list startups depending on the regulation used.

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Chill Charters is testing the waters to evaluate investor interest. No money or other consideration is being solicited; if sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and, then, only through Wefunder. Any indication of interest has no obligation or commitment of any kind Keith Charter | Angel Investor | Wefunder. Explore; Raise Funding; FAQ Login Signup. Keith Charter Follow . 185 Karma. Brandywine, MD Member since January 2018 . 1 Investment. Black Momma Tea & Cafe Shout-outs. This shout-out is for you. Thank you for joining Wefunder and defending the American Dream. Let's help more founders take their shot. Wefunder ← Back to Discuss. DEFINITION. Shout-Out.

Wefunder is the largest Regulation Crowdfunding portal. GetGo Charter Inc: We rent cars to rides/delivery drivers.The cars are sourced from owners at a fee | Wefunder We rent cars to rides/delivery drivers.The cars are sourced from owners at a fe As of today, Wefunder is a Public Benefit Corporation. I'm proud that over 200 Wefunder shareholders signed ourCharter. This is akin to our new Constitution. What is a Public Benefit Corporation? A PBC is a new form of company that 31 states have enacted since 2010. The most well-known —Kickstarter — became one in 2015. A PBC is still a for-profit company. However, public benefit. Wefunder's mission is to defend the American dream, according to the charter. We aim to increase economic growth and lower wealth disparity by sharing the rewards of capitalism more broadly, and destroying the barriers that reduce social mobility, according to Wefunder

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View Nicholas Tommarello's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Nicholas has 4 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover. That is the core of what Wefunder is about. It's about voting with your $100 on the future you want to see built - whether it's a local coffee shop or a supersonic plane. It's about believing in founders with crazy ideas... and then helping them succeed. And, if the idea works, it's about sharing the wealth more fairly with everyone who also believed - so it's not just the rich who keep on getting richer Thank you for joining Wefunder and defending the American Dream. Let's help more founders take their shot. Wefunder ← Back to Discuss. DEFINITION. Shout-Out noun (informal) A public message of congratulation, support, or appreciation I'd like to give a special shout-out to Bob for being a kick-ass human Give Chukwuemeka a Shout-Out.

Equity crowdfunding was first legalized in May 2016 with the passage of Regulation Crowdfunding (Reg CF), which Wefunder's co-founders lobbied Congress for back in 2012. We have since referred to that set of laws as flawed in a variety of ways - most notably, investment limits ($1M per year) th.. We've invested over $130 millioninto hundreds of incredibly diversestartups:flying cars, robots, artificial pancreases,breweries, movie studios, and more. From ostrich farms to unicorns now worth over $1 billion.In 40 of 50 states. We aim tosprinkle theSilicon Valley fairy dust across the rest of the country.Our goalis to inspire 20,000. Hi Abdulalim, As you know, Rentberry had one of the most successful campaigns on WeFunder in 2020. We achieved solid results and this month we will be raising $12M via Reg A+

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Wefunder has updated its charter to reflect its objective to Defend the American Dream. Wefunder will accomplish this goal by growing wealth and decreasing economic disparity by providing. Equity Crowdfunding for Purposeful Startups: Wefunder is simply the best way to raise capital from people who share your intent to change the world for the better, and with whom you want to build a community of interest. Wefunder is the best way to raise equity capital by entrepreneurs on a mission.Your values align when you are aiming to build your new venture's capital base We're looking for an engineer who can help us wrangle complex systems and delight users along the way. As a Wefunder engineer, you'll have a tremendous amount of influence, ability to make a huge impact, and be expected to work on a little of everything. There's no red tape. It's a small team, and we move fast. What we're looking for The ambition to go the extra mile to deliver an.

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Wefunder. Kickstarter for equity. We let anyone invest as little as $100 in Account Manager. Location. Massachusetts, USA. Job Type. Full-time. Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups. Apply to role › Greg Belote. CTO. About the role. Imported. Why you should join Wefunder. We're like Kickstarter for investing. We're the largest platform for Regulation. Russell Aviation LLC, Punta Gorda, Florida. 865 likes · 19 talking about this. Russell Aviation is a private aircraft charter company that has made it our mission to enhance the client experience.. Authorized Retailer of the Best Brands in Golf. We Match Authorized Retailer Prices Wefunder is becoming a PBC to fight on the side of increased opportunity, for everyone, over generations. Our goal is for Wefunder to fight the good fight — as proscribed in our charter — long after the founding team has died. We will never become a soulless finance company focused on moving little green pieces of paper around; we focus on creating real wealth for our entire country b

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  1. ----- Wefunder is a crowd investing platform that offers capital raising services. The company's online platform offers investment services to startups through its investors' userbase and disruptive companies can receive amount as small as hundred dollars, enabling companies to grow and develop their businesses. ----- Kickstarter for investing was legalized on May 16th, 2016. Now, anyone can.
  2. Wefunder has updated its charter to reflect its objective to Defend the American Dream. Wefunder will accomplish this goal by growing wealth and decreasing economic disparity by providing.
  3. Founded in May of 2016, Wefunder is a public benefit corporation whose mission is to defend the American Dream, according to their charter. They donate 5% of their profits to training, mentoring, and grant programs for founders each year and they strive to promote transparency and opportunity for investors and startup founders alike. The CEO of Wefunder Nick Tommarello calls it Kickstarter.
  4. Equity Crowdfunding For CPG Startups With Jonny Price Of Wefunder. Let me introduce, Jonny Price with Wefunder.Wefunder is a crowdfunding platform. I felt like it was important to bring this episode into the sphere because of the realities of the world we're in where many brands are having to figure out how to get further on less and as well, needing to figure out a way to not only build their.

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Last week, it was picked up by Crunchbase that Wefunder, a Reg CF crowdfunding portal, has closed on a $1.7 million Series A funding round. Depending exactly how you measure it, Wefunder is a top. Wefunder isn't the only equity crowdfunding platform out there (in fact, we include several others on this list), but it's our favorite. In part, that's because Wefunder has a great success rate (around 75%), despite the fact that it's not super exclusive. It's also because Wefunder offers lots of resources and help for startups that use it to crowdfund, including mentorship, help. Founder & CEO at Wefunder Charlestown, Massachusetts Internet. Wefunder. Lost in the Wilderness (Sparkcloud) Babson College. Personal Website. 500+ connections. View Nicholas Tommarello's full. Wefunder does not have custody of those shares, and we don't have the legal ability to transfer or grant access to them. The second raise was done using Wefunder's Custodian structure, meaning that the Convertible Notes purchased by investors are held in custody by XX Investments LLC, a registered transfer agent. As part of the IPO, these Notes must be converted into Common Stock, which is.

Wefunder. Kickstarter for equity. We let anyone invest as little as $100 in Operations Manager. Location. Massachusetts, USA. Job Type. Full-time. Connect directly with founders of the best YC-funded startups. Apply to role › Greg Belote. CTO. About the role. Imported. Why you should join Wefunder. We're like Kickstarter for investing. We're the largest platform for Regulation. KinectAir, with a pre-money valuation of $6 million, is raising crowdfunding on Wefunder. The company provides accessible air travel experiences through its efficient and right-sized aircraft. KinectAir has designed an intelligent software that meets the customer demand real-time and creates a booking to the actual need. The products of KinectAir include go-anywhere point-to-point charter. $1,000+ Day Charter. Take a day cruise on one of our H² powered Yachts. Time and location subject to Yacht position and availability. **Guess The Dow Jones Industrial Average Close On Election Day Tuesday, November 3, 2020 and win the value of your investment. $10,000+ Name the Yacht. Naming rights to one of our H² powered Yachts. You choose.

As our latest Wefunder campaign comes to an end, we wanted to ask: what could the future be like if we succeed in our goal to develop a Focus Fusion generator that will provide cheap, clean safe and unlimited energy to the world? Fusion energy can make possible a fundamental global transformation to the next stage of human history. The first part of that transformation would be the elimination. I am using Wefunder for... Raise money. Meet cool people. My Company. SNAKE OIL SONG funded. Micah Van Hove. Director/Producer. Finished #1 out of 48 filmmakers in Werner Herzog's 2018 program in Peru. Audience Award for best feature film at the 2018 Knoxville Film Festival. An exhilarating and existential murder mystery in the Amazon jungle. From the #1 short film out of Werner Herzog's 2018. Boat charters in San Diego Bay. Fleet of 6 boats, over 1,000 charters, crushing summer boat parties since 2017

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Caribu, a Wefunder portfolio company that raised $1.4 million on Wefunder last year, makes an app that allows people to read books to their children over the phone. Their product is beautifully enabling families to stay in touch better, across the social distance. And their KPIs are surging right now. Early Days. Of course, I don't have a crystal ball. Maybe the economy, stimulated by the $2. Storyteller at Wefunder. Professional Contact. Company Details. Work History. Update Profile View Full Profile. Marisa Trapani's Professional Contact Details. Email (Verified) m**@wefunder.com. Get Email Address. Headquarter. 1-888-546-0325. Location. Mountain Lakes, New Jersey. Marisa Trapani's Current Company Details . Wefunder. San Francisco, California • 55 Employees. internet. Wefunder is the largest Regulation Crowdfunding portal. Explore; Raise Funding; FAQ Login Signup. Join us and help fix capitalism . We're a Public Benefit Corporation and B Corp with a mission to fix capitalism and keep the American dream alive. Our goal is to help get 20,000 more founders off the ground before 2029. We've funded over $279.5 million into hundreds of companies: flying cars. Wefunder is like Kickstarter for investing. We're the largest funding platform that helps normal people make investments in startups. Over the past few years, we've help fund 349 startups with $123,291,717 - including flying cars, space rockets, breweries, Hollywood studios, and potential Ebola cures

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  1. Hoop Tea, Inc. announced the launch of its first official registered equity crowdfunding campaign in partnership with WeFunder. Hoop Tea is raising capital to grow the brand from local success to.
  2. I am using Wefunder for... Invest in startups. Raise money. Learn new things. Meet cool people. My Company. T4L (TRANSPORTATION 4 LIFE) Allen Witters. CEO. Multiple high-growth companies, IPO's and exits. Earned 2000 Smithsonian Computerworld Award for Innovation in the IT World All-Inclusive Tesla & Nissan EV Subscriptions, Enjoyable-Easy Transportation Car Subscriptions are expanding.
  3. As a Wefunder engineer, you'll have a tremendous amount of influence, ability to make a huge impact, and be expected to work on a little of everything. There's no red tape. It's a small team, and we move fast. What we're looking for The ambition to go the extra mile to deliver an outstanding user experience. We all do UX at Wefunder. We value UI simplification over code complexity. Attention.
  4. Wefunder is looking for someone obsessed with nailing those details. Someone that will not only make it pretty, but who will fully grok their users and mission. Good design is about emotion as much as utility. You will help guard the soul of our product. It's an important job. They are a 16 person company and you'll report direct to the CEO. Wefunder is looking for a Lead Designer to join.
  5. Virgin Charter, for example, burned through $25 million to $30 million from 2007 until it shut down in 2009. JetSmarter built a business around filling empty seats, but it ended up being purchased.
  6. HOME Fleet Membership Charter Investors Download on the. App Store. Download on the. Play Store +1-800-602-5678. contact@jettoken.com. Click here to invest in Jettoken and see the offering circular. Invest and see the offering circular . Investors. News & Information.

Unlo, with a $5 million valuation cap, is raising crowdfunding on Wefunder. The company offers all-inclusive on-demand mobility subscription services. The users can use one app and one subscription to hire any vehicle they need, anywhere they need, and anytime they need. Cameron Robinson founded Unlo in May 2020. The proceeds of the current crowdfunding [ Jet Token, Las Vegas, Nevada. 34,070 likes · 6,027 talking about this · 8 were here. Jet Token Inc. is a charter and membership program with a global charter app in the iOS store and a specialty in..

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I moved to San Diego to start my own boat charter business, Chill Charters. I now have two cruisers in San Diego Bay and two double decker pontoons in Mission Bay. I've run over 700 charters since 2017 and have the most economical way for people to enjoy an afternoon on the water. We are a cool local business. I also work at Wefunder where I help entrepreneurs raise capital. Last year San. Founding board member of the six Rochester Prep charter schools managed by Uncommon Schools and served as chairman of Rochester's Literacy Commission. Harvard University Graduate School of Education, Master's Degree, Education Policy. ADOLF AKUFFO-AFFUL. Ecosystem builder, community advocate, and savvy digital marketing specialist for Wefunder, a crowd funding platform that helps build. Easy Charter Bus >>> Launa Russo . info@easycharterbus.com 718-502-9983 National Charter Bus New York >>> Wilson Gonzalez info@nationalbuscharter.com. 718-233-4974 Harvest Hosts >>> Molly Edgington. Partnerships Manager. 888.574.6787 x70

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View Ebony Miller-Wesley's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Ebony has 5 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Ebony. As Wefunder grows, you'll be on a track to become Head of Product. Dream Candidate. Our ideal candidate has a head start on grokking our users: they've either founded a company, worked with a founding team, or have invested in a startup. While not a requirement, this will help reduce the learning curve. We also need someone very good at simplifing complexity. Unfortunately, the law is. Location: Wefunder HQ is in San Francisco.Given the pandemic, we're all working from home right now. When it is safe to do so, the SF office will reopen. We will generally prefer candidates who live in the SF Bay Area or want to relocate, but we're also open to fully-remote candidates who have a proven track record of working remotely effectively Form S-1 filed by Digital Brands Group, Inc. with the security and exchange commission We are legally required to follow our Charter to help more founders get off the ground. We started this industry. We helped Congress pass the laws that legalized equity crowdfunding back in 2012, and were invited to watch President Obama sign it into law. Check out the Wefunder Story. We have the best community of founders. We believe belonging to community of other helpful founders will help.

I'm proud to announce that Wefunder is now a Certified B Corp! We're the first equity crowdfunding platform to join the movement of over 2,650 companies around the world harnessing business as a force for good. Why did we become a B Corp? In November 2016, we became a Public Benefit Corporation to give us the legal standing to pursue goals that relate to our mission in. Small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We've created this resource hub to help you get the most updated news, information, and advice as you navigate this difficult time Wefunder, Inc. is now Wefunder PBC. On Wednesday, Wefunder will become the first investment crowdfunding platform to become a public benefit corp., a legal designation that hardwires a company's social mission into its charter. In Wefunder's case, that mission is to defend the American Dream. Wefunder follows in the footsteps of Kickstarter, the rewards-based crowdfunding [

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View on Wefunder. Boonoob is a social networking platform that aims to connect people in the most sustainable and unique ways to meet their needs, to do good, and spread happiness with our core values of Good planet, Good people, Good products, Good places, Good parties, Good privacy, and Good prices. We strive to connect people amidst this. started boat charter business, and ended up at Wefunder. I enjoy helping entrepreneurs. I also enjoy basketball, national parks, hot tubs, and dogs (and hot dogs). Arie Milner Software Engineer I code stuff at Wefunder. Gadi Borovich Head of Venture Partners I heard about Wefunder during my freshman year and knew I wanted to work here; I reached out to Nick, but he ignored me, so hunted Nick's. We're ready to completely re-design Wefunder for 2020: new branding, new stylesheet, new React components. We're looking for a visual designer to lead that charge. Good design is incredibly important to us. We believe beautiful software is the sum of thousands of small details. Over the past few years, while keeping up with our hyper-growth in operational load, we let our design suffer. It. In 2012, Wefunder helped pass the JOBS Act, a new law that allows businesses to raise funding online. After 80 years, it is now legal for everyday Americans (not just the rich or banks) to invest in local businesses. Read about why we became a Public Benefit Corporation to help save the American Dream. About Wefunder . $110 million+ invested; 300,000+ investors; 300+ companies funded; $400,000. Hoop Tea will use the capital to expand new and existing territories and develop new flavors. The WeFunder campaign launched on Tuesday, January 28th and has raised over $70,000 so far. It will.

Companies like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, CenturyLink, Comcast Xfinity, Charter Spectrum, Altice, Cox all provide Internet. In fact, small and mid-size phone companies, wireless companies, cable TV companies, Internet providers and more also provide internet. They have a lower ability to solve this problem on their own. There are countless smaller ISP's who need photonics as well. This optical. Canine Biologics, developer of the only integrated nutrition system designed exclusively to support dogs battling cancer, has launched an investment crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder. > Denver. Blue World Voyages, a cruise line designed for the next generation of health-conscious professionals, sports + fitness enthusiasts, has paired with Wefunder to make its plans come into fruition by. Founder in Residence at Wefunder, Inc. Biography. Chris Maddox founded Seneca Systems, Inc. He is former President, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Director at this company. Overview. Career Highlights. Seneca Systems, Inc. RelSci Relationships. 77. Number of Boards. 1. Relationships. View Relationship Details. RelSci Relationships are individuals Chris Maddox likely has professional access to. A. Genius Juice Launches Online Equity Crowdfunding Campaign. LOS ANGELES - Genius Juice has taken their capital raising efforts online, officially launching a full platform on WeFunder.Com to.

Founder of JetLimo used by charter companies to sell empty legs. The Crowd Economy solution for shared jet charter - The Personal Airline Seed funding and successful Beta test in 2015. 1 Investment. Rentus.com Shout-outs. This shout-out is for you. Thank you for joining Wefunder and defending the American Dream. Let's help more founders take their shot. Wefunder ← Back to Discuss. DEFINITION. Prior to founding NDP, Paul held leadership roles in automotive and LED development, manufacturing organizations, co-founded charter schools, and created low-income housing construction initiatives. His work allowed him extensive international travel as well as to live in Japan and Mexico as an expat. In addition to spending time with friends and community, he enjoys surfing, kiteboarding, and. ⭐️ March $1M+ All-Stars startups from Team Wefunder. Ready Set Jet: Our Story. $121bn Market size, Emotionally Intelligent AI: HiveSkill. Taking off: Why is digital real estate booming? Decentraland explained . KingsCrowd Deal Sheet - March 23rd. Linen launches on Republic. NEW! Biospecimen procurement services with $4M+ in 2020 revenue. KingsCrowd News Roundup - March 20th. Death.

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With aur Wefunder crowdfunding—which we intend to make the largest in U.S. history, as the first company to raise $5M through Reg CF —we Plan ta raise a total of $11M of capital, After closing our financing, we intend to acquire the founder's existing business, Optimize. In addition to Optimize, Heroic will focus creating a world-class Heroic Social Trairnr.g Platform so we can change the. At present, Figure Technologies is seeking the national bank charter from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). The company filed its application in November 2020. As part of the. Y Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups. Twice a year we invest a small amount of money ( $125k) in a large number of startups. We work intensively with the companies for three months, to get them into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors Russell Aviation is a first-of-its-kind, Private charter company that makes flying privately affordable and hassle-free. For more information visit us at www.russellaircharter.com. Russell Aviation is currently is raising capital for our seed round of funding through our REG CF campaign on the WeFunder platform

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The Tech Garden, Syracuse, NY. 2,009 likes · 11 talking about this · 1,917 were here. Home of Upstate New York's most promising tech startup companies... bluShift Aerospace, Brunswick, Maine. 2,451 likes · 83 talking about this. We are an aerospace startup with far reaching plans WEFUnDER News vSpatial Q Search software technology saas Raise Funds app EDIT telecommunications Bring your Office into Virtual & Augmented Reality f VSPATIAL.COM PROVO John Sallaway CEO @ vSpatiaI John applied to 'Wefunder $00 of a goal Commit FOLLOW FOR UPDATES Invest via a Stock Purchase Agreement Preferred shares offered at $0.05 per share. ABOUT UPDATES 0 GRAPEVINE ASK A QUESTION 0 Why.

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From an insight perspective, this research report has focused on various levels of analysis - industry trends analysis, top players analysis, company profiles, which discuss the basic views on the competitive landscape, emerging and high-growth segments of Bus Charter Services market, and high-growth regions. Besides, drivers, restraints, challenges, and opportunities pertaining to Bus. Fart | 15 Follower auf LinkedIn We teach keyboard shortcuts to professionals on Mac. | We teach keyboard shortcuts to professionals on Mac $5B federally chartered bank Mortgage Lead Customer & Tech Partner Millennial Title Title company licensed in 15 states including Florida Investor & Integration Partner FarShore Custom software development firm Development Partner Molto Marketing Full service media production and marketing firm Marketing & Advertising Partner Elphi MIT Sloan Alumni Automation Architects. OUR SOLUTION Our top. Walnut St. Labs, West Chester, Pennsylvania. Gefällt 1.082 Mal. Walnut St. Labs is a marketing agency like no other. We become a bona fide team member..

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